WIN - World Investor Lawyer Network

About Us

Welcome to the World Investor Lawyer Network!

Our Mission is to be your lawyers for Ensuring the Integrity of Global Capital Markets.

As the movement of capital becomes increasingly globalized, so too does investment losses resulting from fraud, negligence or other misconduct.

Unless investors are afforded relief in every jurisdiction in which a transnational securities fraud has been committed, then securities fraud becomes a mere cost of doing business to the perpetrators of the fraud.

In recognition of that fact, the member firms of WIN have come together to seek transnational remedies for transnational abuses of investor rights.

Our mission is to educate the public on the importance of uniform and effective international securities regulation, to advocate for investor rights in the legislative sphere, and to take concerted legal action on behalf of investors to the maximum extent permitted by local laws.

Our lawyer network is built upon one simple premise -- that global problems in our capital markets require global solutions.

To the Members of Win